Light Heart Shiatsu

Life is Fleeting yet Enduring, Subtle and Spectacular, Intimate but still Unknown

LightHeartShiatsu offers light hearted shiatsu for those who are discerning about the energetic interactions we experience when receiving body work from others. This means your shiatsu practitioner is a meditator committed to conscious harmonious living.

LightHeartShiatsu sessions include oriental diagnostic techniques including pulse and hara diagnosis as well as simple lifestyle and diet recommendations to harmonise the body’s physical and energetic systems and allow our innate healing capacities and lightness of being to shine.

LightHeartShistsu is here to assist you to: enjoy life in a balanced and harmonious way, awaken your senses, make the most of each moment, deepen your sense of personal integrity and self realisation and feel the inner freedom and lightness of being that is apparent in the laughter of a baby and the twinkle of the wise souls eye..