About shiatsu/T.E.A.M


Shiatsu was developed (largely by blind practitioners) in Japan in the mid twentieth century and is based on traditional oriental medicine and traditional Japanese massage (anma). It is a profoundly beautiful therapy with Taoist underpinnings. Shiatsu involves diagnosis and treatment of the body, its energetic pathways and organ systems via firm touch and assisted stretching. It can also involve moxabustion, cupping, Japanese needles and gua sha when necessary. It is preferable to wear loose, comfortable clothes made from natural fibres during treatment.

Traditional East Asian Medicine (T.E.A.M) is ancient and has been handed down from practitioner to practitioner often in family traditions for thousands of years. My teacher has been in clinical practice for 35 years and has studied with many great masters who are no longer with us but who fortunately shared the skills and experience that they themselves gathered from their masters. Through these teachers and the classical literature a body of knowledge has evolved to provide healers with the necessary tools to help people maintain health and well being.