About you

You care about who touches you and how they touch you. You understand the benefits of being treated by someone who meditates and practices light hearted conscious living. You are open to traditional east asian medical practices like Shiatsu, moxibustion or Japanese Needles (even if you are not sure exactly what these are).

LightHeart Shiatsu is for you if:

you like to foster your own natural healing potential to recover quickly from illness or limit the effects of disease on your lifestyle.

you are interested in using natural methods of maintaining mental and emotional clarity.



Where to from here?
It is great when you find the support you want to achieve the things you need to… If you are new to shiatsu/TEAM or not familiar with my treatment style then I suggest booking 3 fortnightly or weekly treatments in order to become familiar with shiatsu and/or my work.  Then we can find out if we can work well together to address your needs and assist you to reach your fullest potential.