About me

I am passionate about the experience of inner and outer harmony, promoting wellbeing, understanding the nature of things and feeling connected to life. Yoga, breathing, meditation and conscious living are my tools. As part of my journey I also offer shiatsu and tradition East Asian treatments such as Moxibustion and Japanese Needles in Melbourne, Australia.

For 20 years I have studied the ancient science of  harmonious living contained in ancient Vedic and Taoist teachings. I have been fortunate to be guided by great teachers and am ever grateful to them. Using simple tools from Traditional East Asian Medical roots I can help you to maximise your bodies self healing potential and experience inner freedom and joy by being harmony to your mind and body.

My treatments utilise strong and subtle techniques drawing from a range of options including: shiatsu, moxibustion, cupping, gua sha and needles (both inserted and non inserted options available) – the consistent offering is that treatments are offered with a light heart and a clear mind. In my experience this combination of great techniques from great masters, delivered in a light hearted and uncomplicated way gives best results.